Horses are the best teachers! Here are some of the lessons I learned.

There were a lot of horses ... I will name ones that gave me major lessons:

1. Dixi - lesson: what forward really is. Feels like flying!  (PA)

2. Lad - lesson: balance is very important. This horse pushed me to study. (CA)

3. Carley - PSG - lesson - how easy it is when it is correct. (CA)

4. Parris - 2 nd level - lesson- how light the aids could be. (CA)

5. Chestnut stallion - 3 yo - lesson - 3 year old horse could be safe and secure. That was the feeling he gave. It was my friends horse and I rode him outside on the fields and he was protective like a dog and very generous. (Russia)

6. Malandro - 3 rd level - lesson- how to put hot horse in front of the leg. (Germany)

7. Anima Mundy - PSG - lesson - swing, cadence. The balance between activity and relaxation. (Germany)

8. Academicer - GP - lessons - how fragile the piaffe - passage transitions are. How fit the horse should be for GP. (Germany)

9. Argument - PSG - lesson - walk, what the rhythm of the walk is. How the back should swing in it. (Germany)

10. Falkons - PSG -  Lesson - cadence, Passage, big energy with cool head.  How to build up the muscles to avoid joint pain in the upper level work. (I found this horse in Russia and brought to Germany)

11. Audio - PSG, I 1, schooled GP - lesson - cadence, changes (he could make a clean change in any balance), and a huge heart can compensate for many things. This horse traveled from Latvia to Germany, showed M level in Germany, took lessons in Holland, moved to USA, got me a silver medal and was sold in US.

12. Belizars - young horse - fantastic energy without spook. (Found in Latvia brought and sold in Germany) The new owner build and showed him trough I1. 

13. Rafaella - young horse - a lot of energy - lesson - how important the relaxation is and running is not "forward".
(found her in Latvia brought and sold in Germany)

14. Donner Lady - young horse - lesson - canter. The most fabulous canter I rode. (Found her in Latvia brought to Germany)

15. Vega - 3 rd level - lesson - retraining. How to make a horse to answer to lighter aids. (Found in Latvia brought to Germany) 

16. Fokuss - young very supple horse. Fantastic character. He showed and placed in young horses classes in Germany.  (found him in Latvia, brought to Germany, than to US, sold him in US.) He is showing with his happy new owner

17. Bonjardim - 3 yo stallion - Brazil - lesson - Lusitano horses do have a natural swing! I tried him before the auction and was amazed. There were other Lusitano horses that I rode and confirmed my knowledge on but this one was special. He sold to US. 

18. Riverdance - fantastic GP horse with a lot of swing. Easy in everything. Lesson - each light aid can be answered. Magnificent animal with fantastic training.

19. Folcano - I got him as a 6 yo. Showed and build trough I1. - lesson - how to build up and control big energy. Still on the journey to learn from this horse.

20. Rhodante - 7 yo. A lot of energy, very athletic 3 rd level horse. Very smart, still learning this horse. lesson - the importance of long neck approach. 

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