In school and college years I studied ballet and ballroom dancing. Which gives me a broad understanding about coordination, body balance, fitness.

1998 - 2003 Enjoyed many miles of trail riding in Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, learned about natural horsemanship

 2004- 2006 - working student with Agi Youther (dressage) ,CA

I studied Mary Wallace's books about sit development and watched many dressage video's on 


   2005 - Trip to Germany to learn with Albert Von Zigner

2006 - Preparing and translating a series of lectures for and with Pierre Coysun. Subjects include a bio-mechanics of the horse, correct classical development of the horse, correct sit development, passive and active sit 

Pierre studied in Samur (France). He has a fundamental knowledge about the basics. He has an uncompromising step by step system to develop the horse and rider. 

2006 - Trip to Russia as an assistant and interpreter for Pierre, we toured for 2 weeks with lectures and clinics. 

2006 - Another trip with Pierre to Russia to work with Russian horses and riders as an interpreter and assistant. We worked with clients horses for several month. 

2007 - Etoile International academy - Germany - student of Stephen Kissevetter, Kristiana Borhert

Academy concentrated on the German classical system of training the horse and the rider. Academy stabled over 20 horses, mostly 3rd level and up for lessons and buyers. I spent one year as a student learning the system, basics, seat lunge lessons and much more. 

2007- 2009 - Germany -IDA, GMBH - manager and rider. Working with Stephen's and Kristiana's team. These years I concentrated on buying and building horses for a resale. We also went to Latvia to purchase several young horses. which we worked, competed and later sold. 


2008 - I meet and start training with Henk and Wilma Van Bergen. I consider Henk one of the grate dressage masters of this century. His knowledge and wisdom are just amazing. Simple and deep. I am his student for the rest of his life. 


Attended Dressage forums, horse auctions, shows, Eqitana. Was searching for horses for clients from Russia and USA. 

2008 - I also met Oxana Barratt, she works and breeds horses in Latvia and concentrates on developing high level movements in hand. She did visit me in Germany and in US and teach work in hand. 

2009 - I had one of my horses in training with Peter Perlee in Holland, I weekly visited this beautiful barn and learned his methods. In this year his beautiful horse won the world championship. I was invited to attend, but missed it...  

2010- 2017  - moved back to United States managed my barn in Loxahatchee, got my bronze and silver medals.  

Attended Dressage forums and shows in Wellington, USA.

Went to Brazil several times to try horses for the clients and to learn about Lusitano horses.

Also worked with Pierre Cosyn again to develop couple of FEI horses.

2010 - met Lisa Bukowski and we went to shop for a Grand Prix horse to Germany. She works with Mr. Hinnemann, who we visited and tried horses with. 

But mostly I concentrated on training my horses and developing my training system incorporating work in hand and consistent days off into weekly schedules of the horses. 

2017 - building another farm, training horses and clients